Remove Formaldehyde &TVOC

After decoration works have been done, people always suffer from the stinky smell that caused by formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is widely used as an antiseptic treatment for woodworks. However, many people are not aware of the fact that formaldehyde is highly toxic. Exposing under formaldehyde for long-term will increase the risk of causing cancers. 

Through the illumination system, the electrons (e-) in the materials disengage from valence band and transition to the conduction band. And there are electrons (e-) and holes (h+) on the surface of the photocatalyst. Those electrons (e-) and holes (h+) interact with H2O in the air, and Hydroxyl radicals (‧OH)and Hydrogen free radicals (‧H) will be released. Those radicals are capable of decomposing TVOC.

When organic substances reach photocatalyst, they will interact with Hydroxyl radicals (‧OH)and Hydrogen free radicals (‧H). The action will decompose organic substances into much smaller molecule such as CO2 and H2O. The series of action was named as the redox reaction.

Woodworks and furniture, painting works.