ProShield TA Series

TA serious product has the advantages of anti-virus and anti-bacteria. With the certifications from MicroBac, FDA and SGS, this serious have been proven the capability of decomposing virus, bacteria and dirt. Meanwhile, the materials are totally safe to human beings and animal, and friendly to our environment.

This nano structure material can apply with a large variety of medical and other different products such as metal, glass, plastic and so on. After be sprayed on the objects, it becomes the nano coating covers on the surfaces, kill the virus in one touch.


  • Have obtained certifications from MicroBac H1N1 and Enterovirus test

  • Edible, harmless to human beings and animal proven by FDA regulation

  • Long term effect of decomposing contaminants – economical solution

  • Widely application for multiple requirements

  • Excellent abilities of combining with various materials

  • Multiple certifications of anti-virus test can be authorized to distributors