Air Purification

Nowadays, humans spend 90% of times indoors for working and living. And our living spaces are full of hassles from toxic substances such as formaldehyde, lead, benzene, toluene, and xylene.

As the result, air freshening is considered as an important issue now. Through our technology, the free radicals of the photocatalyst are capable of decomposing those toxic substances. Protect us from the harmful factors in our daily life.

Most of the manufacturers combine filters with active carbons to absorb harmful factors when design air purifier. However, the efficiency active carbons decrease after the surface covered by the harmful factors and dirt. 
To enhance the efficiency and increase the life-circle of filters, the combination of Proshield materials and the filter is the best solution. With the activity of photocatalyst, Proshield materials are able to decompose the harmful factors instead of absorbing them. 
The visible light makes the decomposition works even better. Therefore, to design the filter with our materials and UV lights is also recommended.

Filters, Air Condition system, Air freshening system, Vacuum cleaners…etc.